Quality Not quantity!

 Because Our Dogs Are More than best friends, they are family!


Blackheart is out of Zorro and Ch. Velvet.  She is available to an approved home.  We will not ship her.  Whoever is interested in taking ownership of her must pick her up in person.  Serious inquiries only please!





Ch. Velvet





Welcome. Years ago, the two Legendary Bulldogs that got us into the extreme bully type AB’s were Mufassa and Tyson. We were most fortunate to have had the opportunity to purchase a direct son and daughter from each of these two incredible Legends. From them we went on to produce bully type bulldogs that are healthy with outstanding temperament, athletic with incredible fluent movement and are well balanced (in fact all our dogs pictured are from front, side and rear, not just their pretty faces) having conformational correct structure that are clean breathers and superb protectors. Our ultimate goal would be to use the best of these extreme bully types of bulldogs in the world, (which we own and have produced, of course we are bias and will not hesitate to call upon other’s as well) and turn the insane novel The Legendary Bulldog into a blockbuster movie classic. That is one of the reasons we are so passionate about what we produce and will never hesitate to contact other bully type kennels if we think they have a male that will compliment our bloodline.

Our females are loved and part of our family. They are never over bred. We have never bred a female more than three times or done a repeat breeding. Our goal is to breed quality not quantity. Therefore, you can say you have a special dog that is truly one of a kind with scarce, limited blood in back of it.. If you have one of the best dogs in the world its nice to know you truly have one of a kind with limited blood in back of your dog.

The main blood ingredients in back of Bullistic Bullys dogs are Mufassa, Kieara and Fozzy Bear. Before I ever owned an AB I thought Mufassa was the best dog I had ever seen, PERIOD!!!

Kieara is an outstanding temperament, good sized AB that has thrown, well-structured, INSANE dogs! Kieara is directly out of Mufassa X Totty. This is one of the best well-known breeding’ in American Bulldog history. I feel it is the very best! Reason being, not only are just about every single dog out of this breeding exceptional, having incredible conformation, health, great hips, etc… but just about all the Mufassa X Totty Grandchildren have followed if not surpassed in there Grandparents foot steps. There numerous champions today with Fas, Totty blood in back of them. It is extremely important having a Champion that has outstanding temperament, health, etc… however, what the dog produces defines who the dog truly is, to us this is CRUCIAL!!!!
Fozzy Bear, a well-balanced big thick all around powerful Champion that has produced what he was bred to do! Incredible dogs, a dogs pretty bully face like Fozzy Bears is extremely important to us however, a dog’s pretty face is always debatable. One cannot debate if a dog has a thick rear and is well balanced like Fozzy Bear.

This is a short clip of Legendary Mufassa. He was owned and greatly loved by a first class person named Kenny McAllister. I have never seen Kenny hype his legend in any way shape or form. Kenny never had a website or advertised. If you liked Mufassa you had to contact him. A Legend with Mufassa’s type needs no hype! We are proud that all our dogs in our yard have this Legends blood in back of them!